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As a trial attorney, I am always disheartened when I hear friends and acquaintances bash jury duty. I represent folks who have spinal injuries, broken arms and legs, head injuries or a family member has died. These are people who’s lives have been seriously effected by the negligence of others. My clients are normal everyday folks, just like my friends and acquaintances, who need the civil justice system to provide them with a fair and just result. The right to a jury trial is one of the most important rights we enjoy in America and one that sets our country apart from most others. That right depends upon the willingness of citizens to serve as impartial jurors. Men used to settle disputes by gun fights. Now they settle disputes in a more civilized manner – in courtrooms. For many people, jury service is the only opportunity they will have in their lifetime to participate in our system of government. Although jury service is frequently inconvenient, studies show that most jurors come away from the experience with positive feelings about their jury duty – especially if they sit through a trial. So do your duty.

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    Very good post, it's is so important that every person take part in our great system. Kobe Bryant even took his turn recently.

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