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Mi-Wuk Village Woman Dies in Head-On Collision East of Modesto

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I have written before about the ever increasing danger of auto accidents on the two lane highways that surround us in the Central San Joaquin Valley. As I have said, increasing population pressures from Stockton, Modesto, Manteca, Tracy and the Mother Lode are too taxing for the type of roadways traffic these highways were designed to handle.

In the future, I predict that all of these highways will become “non-passing” zones.

A perfect example is the head-on collision that killed this young woman who was only 20 years old on highway 120.

According to the CHP, Hernandez was passing a westbound big rig while climbing a hill in the road and approaching a blind right curve. As the cars crested the hill, they collided on the south asphalt shoulder, the CHP reported.

This morning as I was traveling on Highway 26 when I witnessed a rear-end collision that certainly could have been avoided given the proper driver attention. As traffic continues to increase we will all have to be extra vigilant of other drivers on the roads.

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