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Lawrence Knapp
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Consumers to get the wrong end of the Stick in Fiat Chrysler deal.

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Fiat will be protected from any product liability lawsuits arising from alleged flaws in Chrysler vehicles sold prior to the sale’s closing later this month. That means anyone filing such lawsuits will only be able to recover from the limited assets of the old company. The judge who is overseeing the deal is proposing to grant Fiat immunity. I disagree that the old company will pay. It really means that the tax payer will ultimately bear the burden of catastrophically injured folks who are injured by Chrysler products. Here are the judge’s orders. Apparently, Fiat is unwilling and financially unable to back the Chrysler product it is buying. So much for confidence in your purchase.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    That is very bad bad news. When you factor in the money the Government has given them, seems like a very good deal for a poorly run company.