Modesto, California


Lawrence Knapp

Tatiana Tiger Not Taunted?

O.K. the experts say that yelling and waving hands at a tiger likely wouldn’t be enough to provoke it to attack. Even throwing rocks wouldn’t necessarily cause the cat to leave its home and track down a taunter. You would have to hit it in the face or poke it repeatedly. Urinating would provoke it, too.While there is no evidence that the boys involved in the tiger attack hit the cat in the…

Chrissie Cole

Dog Bite Injures Toddler's Eye

A two-year old boy was transported to the hospital, Tuesday, following a dog bite that injured his left eye. The boy was taken to Terre Haute Regional Hospital and then moved by helicopter to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. His name was not released and as of Tuesday evening there was no update on his condition.The boy’s mother was house-sitting while the homeowners were in California, when…